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What is a Christian Science Practitioner?
¿Qué es un practicista de la Christian Science?

You do not have to be a Christian Scientist in order to be healed through Christian Science. Many people have been healed by simply reading Science and Health. Others have gained healing with the help of a Christian Science practitioner.

Christian Science practitioners practice purely spiritual healing in that they do not manipulate the body or employ any form of thought control. Rather, they pray with and for the patient, and work lovingly with him or her to open the patient's thought to the laws of God that maintain man's health. They acknowledge God as the source of all healing, and they see themselves as messengers of the truth or as witnesses to what God has already accomplished.

Usually, those who are interested in this healing work pursue Primary Class Instruction in Christian Science, as it provides an in-depth, systematic approach to understanding the scientific method of healing explained in Science and Health. Those in the practice of Christian Science healing may be part-time or full-time in this work. You can also find a list of full-time Christian Science practitioners inThe Christian Science Journal.

Christian Science practitioners operate independently and often hold regular office hours. You can contact a practitioner to schedule an office visit, or work with them by phone, eMail or mail. Christian Science practitioners charge modest fees for their services, either by the visit, by the treatment, or by the hour. You can ascertain a practitioner's fees before engaging them. You can arrange for a single visit or treatment, or continue to request help as needed. Both the practitioner and the patient should expect healing from the treatment.

Christian Science practitioners are also happy to answer questions you may have about the study of Christian Science.

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Science and Health

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Science and Health:*

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* Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, is the definitive statement of Christian Science. It will help you unlock the door to prayer-based healing.

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